Fuel Sensing Cable

Fuel Sensing Cable: A Breakthrough in Facility Safety

Fuel Sensing Cable: A Breakthrough in Facility Safety A fuel leak detector is critical in ensuring the safety and security of facilities that handle hydrocarbon or oil products. Unlike water leaks, which primarily lead to property damage, fuel leaks pose far more significant risks,including economic losses, fire, and even explosions. …
Smart Gateway

Water Leak Detection Smart Gateway

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Why you will need a water leak detection smart gateway? Water Leakage may happen anytime from the many indoor facilities such as: Air conditioning units Laundry room system Chilled water piping, Data center control systems Any…
Fluid Sensing Cable

4 points about Fluid Sensing Cable

Fluid Sensing Cable with 4 important points This is Frank from Prosino Group,you could lean our water leak detection system or water leakage detection cable/controller sensor Today I would like to share the information about water leakage Most…

Oil Leak Detection Cable – Data Sheet

Oil Leak Detection Cable Oil Leak Detection Cable detects the presence of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels at any point along its length, yet does not react to the presence of water. Installed with a locating module, the cable senses the liquid,…

High Sensitive Water Detection Cable Demo

This is the demo of High Sensitive Water Detection Cable, you can subscribe our youtube channel to get the latest video of Prosino Group: http://www.youtube.com/c/Prosinogroup Following us at our website https://prosinogroup.com or Facebook…