Water Leak Detection Cable

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

The Non-positioning Style Fluid Leak Detection Cable

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

  • Fluid Leak Detection Cable is widely Installed to Avoid Water leakage damage.


  • Water leaks damage is a common problem in homes and only water leak detection systems,


  • could help you catch a leak when it first begins, thus preventing costly damage to your home,otherwise,


  • The water leakage under sinks, around hot water heaters and in many other areas often


  • go undetected for quite a while and in that time serious water damage occurs.


  • In this way,I’d like to show one part of the water leak detection system, this is Fluid Leak Detection Cable,


  • We understand there are many kinds of sensing cables in the market,but the material is quite different so does the feature.


  • Some of the cables with Mixed braiding,screen of tin plated copper inside and with fabric or glass yarn outer sleeve cover.


  • However due to different configuration and feature,after our testing;


  • We found such cable was not quickly self-drying for resets,also the inner copper conductors


  • Are easily Oxidized after a long time use with water leakage.


  • So we finally have another cable with polymer carrier and inner sensing wires


  • With Polyethylene which makes it quicker self-drying,cable could be used and resets within 15 seconds after wiped away the water,


  • For the cable functionality,they contains locating(4 wires) and Non-locating(2 wires) models;


  • Cable connect to the controller sensor,better through a lead cable,it detects the water leakage and indicates alarm to the sensor while leakage happens.

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

  • The mainly difference is:the locating model will not only indicate an alarm but also show the exact leak position


  • So you could find it easily and solve the leakage problem accordingly.


  • And the Non-position cable only gives an alert without indicating the actual leakage.


  • 2 types of the non-position Fluid Leak Detection Cables are available with different diameters,6.0mm and 4.5mm different size but same material and same feature.

Fluid Leak Detection Cable


  • Such as Data Center / Server Room /Building Facilities wherever the water leakage may occurs.


  • In order to protect the properties,we could provide with solutions depends on different projects.
Water Leak Detection Systems

Water Leak Detection Systems

Water Leak Detection Systems,3 Tips In order to prevent your Valuable Assets and devices from water damage

1.where the water leak detection systems should be installed?


  • Data Centers or Serve Rooms
  • Control Rooms,IT Facilities or Communications
  • Storage/warehouse or Archive Areas
  • Plant and Services Rooms
  • Offices or other indoor areas where the places should be in dry


2.From where may the water leakage occurs?


  • Within the ceiling
  • From the floor above
  • From a room next to the washing closet
  • From an adjacent rooms
  • Within the floor void

3.How to Detect the leaks,what we should do?


  • Prepare the leak detection rope ready(Position or Non-positioning)
  • Spread the leak rope and install next to the areas where the leakage may occurs,fixed with plastic cable clips
  • An extra leak Controller Alarm is necessary for the alarming indication once the leakage happens
  • Connect the leak detection rope to the Controller Alarm by using Modular Lead Cable and special connectors,sealed with a terminal end.
  • Connect with power supply(AC input:110~240V,DC output: 12~24V)to the controller,switch on the alarm and set the right sensibility for detection.

Prosino Group advocate water saving,green travel and low carbon lifestyle in order to save our world – water leakage

  • Water Leakage
  • What can we do after we saw this message ? #Prosino Group advocate water saving,green travel and low carbon lifestyles in order to save our world .
  • Start from ourselves.See as below from “time” report :
  • You also can click the link : http://time.com/4884648/climate-change-india-temperatures/?xid=newsletter-brief
    Climate Change Will Make Parts of South Asia Unlivable by 2100, Study Says
    Justin Worland
    Aug 03, 2017
  • Temperatures in heavily populated South Asia will exceed habitable levels by the end of this century without efforts to stem man made climate change, according to new research.
    Researchers behind the study, published in the journal Science Advances, found that 4% percent of the South Asian population is expected to experience temperature and humidity conditions in which humans cannot survive without air conditioning by 2100. Three quarters of the population will experience environmental conditions considered dangerous, even if not downright unlivable.
  • The effects of unchecked temperature rise would extend beyond the health concerns associated with being outside in high temperatures.
  • With workers unable to stay outdoors for extended periods of time, the region’s economy and agricultural output would decline, experts say.
  • “With the disruption to the agricultural production, it doesn’t need to be the heat wave itself that kills people,” says study author Elfatih,a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in a press release. “Production will go down, so potentially everyone will suffer.”
  • Currently, extreme unhealthy temperatures in South Asia—a region that includes India, Pakistan and Bangladesh—affect around 15% of the region’s population.
  • A number of deadly extreme weather events in the region reflect that reality, including a 2015 heat wave that killed more than 2,500 people.
  • Researchers note that the disastrous scenario could be avoided if countries meet their commitments to keep temperatures from rising more than 2°C (3.6°F) by 2100.That goal, embedded in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, will likely be difficult to meet without increasingly ambitious efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • South Asia ranks high on lists of the most threatened regions, but it is far from the only place where scientists say global warming could change the fabric of society.
  • In a 2015 study in the journal Nature Climate Change, Eltahir found that a number of Persian Gulf cities would reach similarly unlivable temperature thresholds by 2100.
  • “We have built entire infrastructures with particular temperatures in mind,” Matthew T. Huber,  an associate professor of geography at Syracuse University, told TIME earlier this year.
  • “When temperatures get really high, we don’t have the material capacity to deal with that.”
  • Let’s start from how to detect water leakage  .



Prosino Group – Leakage Detection System

#Prosino #Group , The demo of Water Leakage Detection System are widely used for
large Data Center Monitoring, School, Hospital, Bank, Museum, Sever room, Building are so on .
Water damage refers to the intrusion of water into buildings.
The damage can take a few hours or a few months to reveal itself.
It causes a major loss of property in most cases. Water damage is most ruinous in offices and factories.

Water damage is actually very common. It occurs three times more often than fire damage.

It can not only occur in commercial buildings but also offices, schools, ie. in any type of building.

Here we would like to enclosed our Leakage Detection System demo picture .

leakage detection system


Many people overlook just how serious a threat water damage is to their buildings.

This is largely due to most of the damage being under the floors.

The damage is also sometimes behind the walls. There, it is not clearly visible and is easily forgotten about.

However, water damage can be incredibly expensive.

It can even cause up to multi-million dollars in irreparable damage!

Having a water ingress Leakage Detection System is therefore very important.

Water damage can then be detected early. It will not be given a chance to turn into something too serious.

Water damage typically occurs due to plumbing.

Maybe a water installment was not properly fixed or not replaced when worn out. It could then lead to a leak.

To avoid such leaks, visual checks should be done often. A better way to do it is to install water sensors in your facilities.

This is so water damage can be discovered before it becomes too severe.

For customized project of Leakage Detection System . Prosino Group is always here with you .

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