Focus on Liquid Leakage
Detection Solution

Your Trusted Partner in Liquid Leakage Detection

Accurate Data
Complete Equipment

Monitoring Leader

Complete Liquid
Leak Detection Provider

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Focus on Fuel Oil
Leaks Detection Solution

Leads the sensor industry with Fuel leaks detection

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Focus on Pipeline Leaks
Detection Solution

Quality,Innovation&Exceptional Service

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Monitoring And Control Systems

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Innovative Products and Technologies

Model P-LFP1B

Non-locating Water Sensing Cable

Model P-FP1A

Non-locating Water Leak Detector

Model P-LFP1000

Locating Water Sensing Cable

Model P-LFP1

Locating Water Leak Detector

Model P-LFP7000

Fuel Oil Sensing Cable

Quality & Devlopement

We have an Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

Proudly Supporting Customers in

127+ Countries, Across 30 market segments and industries.

Industries Applications

Involved in various application areas where Water Management and Monitoring are Critical,
Ensure early Detection of Leakage,Prevent Water damage and Minimize Impact

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Smart Spaces. Safe Environments.
Meet every Business Need.

Designed to Monitor Water Leaks in various settings,Providing early Detection of Water Leakage

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