Position Water Sensing Alarm


A Position Water Sensing Alarm to Detect water leakage and Protect properties from water damage

The Prosino Group Position Water Sensing Alarm is a revolutionary smart water security system

The leader in commercial Water Leak Detection for Buildings Management,provides comprehensive Water Leaks Detection Systems and services to safeguard buildings/Facilities/IoT solutions

Main features:

  • High sensitivity with it adjustable
  • Maximum length of sensing cable detected:1500meters
  • Actual Leak position indicates with accuracy length of 0.5%±0.5 meter
  • Immediately response and alert once the water leakage occurs
  • Compatible with most of the water leak detection cable types
Product Model: P-LFP1
Features for this Position Water Sensing Alarm: Compatibility P-LFP1000 sensor cable and TraceTek leak detecting sensing cables or the same type sensing cables
Sensor cables maximum length:  1500M
Accuracy: Sensor cable’s length of 0.5%±0.5m
Environmental rating Storage temperature: -40℃~60℃(0 oF~140oF)
Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃(32 oF~122oF)
Operating humidity: 5%~95%(No condensation)
Power supply:  12VDC,3W
Serial interface Network configuration: RS-485 communication mode,baud rate can be chosen,optional address for 0 to 247,the factory default baud is 9600,and address is 0
Programming agreement: MODBUS  RTU
Relay contacts: AC125V,5A,DC24V,1A;to often open, closed can be chosen

Product Overview

Main Features: LED instructions power supply,leakage alarm,sensing cable faults and communication state.
It can record32 leakage alarm data records.
Practical reliable twisted pair serial RS-485 communication mode And as far as communication distance up to 1200 m,
programming agreement is the standard of industrial ModBus agreement.

  • 12V DC power supply,no polar access
  • The communication baud rate and address can be set through the test software
  • The SPDT relay’s output form to often open closed coexist free of choice
  • Good ESD,and surge transients immunity technology,guaranteed that the reliable operation of the P-LFP1
  • It is very easy to be installed with DIN rail or enclosure.es

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