Water Sensing Systems

3 Tips for using the Water Sensing Systems

3 Tips for using the Water Sensing Systems,In order to prevent your Valuable Assets and devices from water damage


1)where should the Water Sensing Systems be installed?

  • Data Center or Serve Rooms
  • Control Rooms,IT Facilities or Communications
  • Storage/warehouse or Archive Areas
  • Plant and Services Rooms
  • Offices or other indoor areas where should be in drywater sensing cable

2)Where can a water leakage occur?

  • Within the ceiling
  • From the floor above
  • From a room next to the washing closet
  • From an adjacent room
  • Within the floor void

3)How to Detect the leaks?

  • Prepare the leak detection rope (Position or Non-positioning models)
  • Spread the ropes and install next to the areas where the leakage may occur,
  • Fixed with plastic cable fix clips,you may set the most fit distance such as 1 meter cable placed 1 piece of clip.
  • An extra leak Controller Alarm is necessary.
  • Connect the leak detection rope to the Controller by using Modular Lead Cable and connectors.
  • The cable length could be fixed as required.
  • Connect with power supply to the controller,switch on the alarm.
  • Set the right sensibility for water leak detects.

Sense Cables For Detecting Leakage

Prosino Group is the leading manufacturer for water sense cables for more than 10 years with quality guarantee.

We have wide range of the water sensing cables for your choose.

Now I would like to introduce the sense cables to you.

  • P-LFP1B ——6.0mm non-position water sense cable.
  • sense cables for detecting leakage

    sense cables for detecting leakage

  • P-LFP1C ——5.0mm non-position water sense cable.
    sense cables for detecting leakage

    sense cables for detecting leakage

  • P-LFP1C-1 —— 4.0 Non-position water sense cable.
  • sense cables for detecting leakage

    sense cables for detecting leakage


1. The cable can be reused for more than 6 -8 years.The cable can be dry naturally in 15 seconds after stopped leakage.

Or you could make it dry by dry cloth.

2. Strong pull.

3. The cable is designed for a range of applications, which including data center, Server room. Sub floors. Telecommunication rooms. HVAC equipment locations. Pipes. Electrical vaults. Storage areas. Tanks and roofs.

4. The cable is small ,light weight. And flexible. Allowing easy installation. The smooth design allows for quick drying.

5. P-LFP1C (5mm of water leak detection cable) and P-LFP1C-1 (4mm of water leak detection cable) are widely used for IOT.

Smart home. Smart Kitchen and smart water meter.

  • P-LFP1D——-Nylon non-position water sense cables
  1. The cable is very absorbent.
  2. Small package.
  3. It is hard to be dry.


sense cables for detecting leakage

sense cables for detecting leakage

  • P-LFP1000  —– Addressable water sensing cables.
  1. The diameter is 6mm. There are 2 black wire, 1 red wire and 1 yellow wire.
  2. The cable can be calculated which address is happening leakage.
  3. The tolerance is 0.5%.




  • P-LFP3000 —— Addressable Acid sensing cable.


acid sense cables for detecting leakage


  • P-LFP6000 —— Fuel sensing cable.
  1. Gasoline leak detection cable.
  2. Gasoline   3-6 minutes.
  3. #1 Diesel fuel  30 minutes.
  4. #2 Diesel fuel  60minutes.
  5. JP5 Jet fuel     30 minutes.
  6. JP8 Jet fuel     20 minutes.





For more information. Please contact us at info (at) prosinogroup.com.

We will provide the details to you.

Smart Gateway

Water Leak Detection Smart Gateway

Why you will need a water leak detection smart gateway?

Water Leakage may happen anytime from the many indoor facilities such as:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Laundry room system
  • Chilled water piping,
  • Data center control systems

Any water sources or building leakage.this may cause very bad damage and may affect our valuable assets and properties.

Now our Facility Monitoring System smart gateway is able to avoid the damages.

Prosino Technology now announce and share it’s own developed Water Leak Detection System.

Our accurate and reliable water leak detection system smart gateway,

gives you security and complete protection.a solution system which provides security in monitoring water leak detection,

indicates a notification status through SMS or Wireless devices helps you find the leakage position quickly and solve the problems.


Water Sensing System

Review the Applications of Water Sensing System

Review the Applications of Water Sensing System

Water Sensing System commonly installed and used in following areas:

  • Server room & Data Centers &Management Systems: Water Leak Detection Tools is important device in server room and Data Centers to avoid flooding and hence saving loss of property.
  • Pump Room: Water leak Sensor is use to get alarm at early stage in case there is leakage.
  • Telecom Shelter: Telecom shelter generally at remote places which need to be monitor against all threats including water leak.
  • Laboratories
  • Pantry area
  • Library
  • Hospital
  • Some other Building Facilities


Different types of Controller Alarm:

  • Depending on type of area where potential leakage need to be detected, type of Water Leak Alarms can be used. there are majorly following type of leak controllers
  • Cable leak Detector: This type of sensor is commonly used for water leak detection. This is basically twisted pair of the sensing cables which when come in contact with conductive fluid will trigger alarm.
  • Adjustable Probe sensor: This type of sensor use in crawl areas.
  • Wall mounting Controller sensor.
  • Pad type sensor.

Water Leak Detection Sensing Cable

Different types of leak Controller panels:

  • Depending on number of areas panel can monitor.
  • Water Leak Detection panel majorly divided into single zone and multi zone system.
  • If these leak detection panels have capacity to indicate the exact leakage location distance and position of sensing cable,
  • Then this type of system called as position leak detection system(Addressable Modular Leak Sensing Systems) or distance read leak detection system.

Different types of application devices the Water Leak Sensing System used:

  • Environmental Monitoring System can monitor Water leakage,Humidity&Temperature and inform user through SMS, Email or Alarm once it crosses the set threshold level.
  • It also provide smoke detector and monitoring of other systems and devices at server room such as UPS, precision Air Conditioner,Fire Suppression System,Access Control,CCTV Camera and some other Management Systems etc…
  • This devices connected to Environmental Monitoring System through dry contacts(which with N/O N/C output) or MODBUS contacts(RS485 output or RS432 output)
  • In case of alarm conditions,Environmental Monitoring System will generate alert,Some of the reputed brands which supply Water Leak Sensing and Environmental Monitoring are Liebert,APC,NTI,TraceTek etc,
  • Prosino also ready to provide the Environmental Monitoring Systems and Water Leak Detection Solution.
  • To know more about products and services of us.
  • Please visit www.prosinogroup.com or contact us directly through email:johnny@prosinogroup.com

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

The Non-positioning Style Fluid Leak Detection Cable

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

  • Fluid Leak Detection Cable is widely Installed to Avoid Water leakage damage.


  • Water leaks damage is a common problem in homes and only water leak detection systems,


  • could help you catch a leak when it first begins, thus preventing costly damage to your home,otherwise,


  • The water leakage under sinks, around hot water heaters and in many other areas often


  • go undetected for quite a while and in that time serious water damage occurs.


  • In this way,I’d like to show one part of the water leak detection system, this is Fluid Leak Detection Cable,


  • We understand there are many kinds of sensing cables in the market,but the material is quite different so does the feature.


  • Some of the cables with Mixed braiding,screen of tin plated copper inside and with fabric or glass yarn outer sleeve cover.


  • However due to different configuration and feature,after our testing;


  • We found such cable was not quickly self-drying for resets,also the inner copper conductors


  • Are easily Oxidized after a long time use with water leakage.


  • So we finally have another cable with polymer carrier and inner sensing wires


  • With Polyethylene which makes it quicker self-drying,cable could be used and resets within 15 seconds after wiped away the water,


  • For the cable functionality,they contains locating(4 wires) and Non-locating(2 wires) models;


  • Cable connect to the controller sensor,better through a lead cable,it detects the water leakage and indicates alarm to the sensor while leakage happens.

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

  • The mainly difference is:the locating model will not only indicate an alarm but also show the exact leak position


  • So you could find it easily and solve the leakage problem accordingly.


  • And the Non-position cable only gives an alert without indicating the actual leakage.


  • 2 types of the non-position Fluid Leak Detection Cables are available with different diameters,6.0mm and 4.5mm different size but same material and same feature.

Fluid Leak Detection Cable


  • Such as Data Center / Server Room /Building Facilities wherever the water leakage may occurs.


  • In order to protect the properties,we could provide with solutions depends on different projects.
Water Leakage Detector

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Leakage Detector effects to HVAC Units

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Leakage Detector effects to HVAC units


1.Why do the installation instructions recommend routing leak sensing cable eight feet away from floor standing HVAC units?

Water Leakage Detector

Water Leakage Detector

  • Most users want to place the water leak sensing cable as close as possible to a potential water leak hazard, often  placing the cable directly under the HVAC systems,this exposes the leak sensing cable to an increased potential for false alarms, the HVAC downdraft often contains particles of moisture that been.
  • Condensed from the cool surfaces inside the HVAC unit,also,these HVAC units often have humidifiers which can add to the problem.
  • Finally, over time,the high velocity air can embed fine particles of dust,and dirt into the sensing cable,degrading its performance,worse, if the sensing cable is not tightly fastened to the subfloor,the internal conductors may break from the constant movement.


2.The recently installed system seems to”false” alarm frequently.Why?

The primary reason for false alarms is that the cable has been installed too close to an HVAC downdraft. Cable has been installed under a pipe that is sweating (condensation),or is heavy and is pinching (shorting) the conductors.


3.Our water leakage detector has been working well for years, but is now indicating “false” leak detected alarms.Why?

  • The cable has become contaminated from dust and dirt over time. Another possibility is contamination from mineral salts absorbed from an unsealed concrete subfloor. Cable is contaminated from a previous leak.
Water Leakage Detector

Water Leakage Detector

4.Our system has been working well and detected a water leak.  

After the leak was cleaned up,the water leakage detector stays in alarm.Why?

  • When a water leak sensing cable becomes wet from a system water leak,
  • Often there will be mineral salts,and other contaminates from the sub-floor that remain in the cable after the water has evaporated.
  • The more times the cable has been wet and dry,the more likely it is there will be contamination,sometimes the cable can be cleaned,Sometimes replacement is required.


5.The leak locating system is indicating a leak near the end of the cable,

but there is no water present anywhere.What is going on?

  • Almost all “footage measuring” leak detection systems calculate the electrical resistance of the sensing conductors
  • To determine the location where water has contacted the water sensing cable.
  • When a water leak contacts the cable, an area of low resistance forms at the point of contact,on occasion, conditions will cause a small decrease  in resistance over a large section of cable.
  • Electrically, this is like a short circuit over a single spot,when the total decrease is resistance is enough to cause a false alarm,
  • It will logically be indicated as being at the end of the cable because that is the normal point of highest resistance.
  • This condition is usually caused by an HVAC unit blowing a fine “mist”of water particles from the condensate pan or humidifier.
Water Leakage Detector

Water Leakage Detector

Water Leak Detection System

What is Water Leak Detection System(WLDS)?

What is Water Leak Detection System (WLDS)?

  • Water leak detection system is a device when installed in facility, then it detects water leak at initial stage and inform user by indicating audible alarm,message etc. Leak detection system consist of leak detection controller Panel and sensor alarms.
  • Depending on requirement Leak detection panel can be single way system of Multi-zone system,single way system can protect one area or zone since single way water leak detection controller alarm consists on only one sensor terminal.
  • While multi-way system can protect multi areas or zones since it consists of more than one sensor terminals.
  • Sensor are actual Leak Detectors,the multi detector model can be have as many as 4-way housing.


Leak Detector

Water Leak Detection Controller Panel(Position and Non-Position):

  • There are different type of leak detection controller alarms depending on number of zone,it can protect and nature of leakage detection. Depending on water leak alarm system divided in two types,for Example,Single way and Multi-way water leak detection equipment.
  • Depending on nature of leak detection it divided in positioning indicate water leak detector  and Non-Locating indicate water leak detector system.
  • For the Position system model can detect with exact leakage position,and indicates exact distance on controller panel,
  • While Non-Position system can simply detect leakages only without indicating with actual leakage position.


Water Leak Detection Sensing Cable

Leak detection control panel Mainly of following type:

  • Position System: Along with position read type of system only cable type sensor can be use as leak detector,this system can be single way type of multi-way type.
  • Position indicate system shows exact location of leak across length of sensor cable,when water drops comes in contact with sensor cable twisted pair of cable get shorted through leaked water.
  • Depending on value of current (which depend on length of cable due to resistance of cable) which flows through shorted pair of sensing cable,leak detection controller alarm calculate length of cable at which water came in contact with water.
  • This leakage position is leak location.


Singe Way Leak Detection Control Panel:

  • As name suggest this type of system can perform leak detection over one area or zone.
  • This system provided with only one terminal to connect sensor.
  • Single way Control Panel can be of distance read type also.


Multi-way Leak Detection Control Panel:

  • As name suggest this panel can perform leak detection over various zone of areas.
  • Traditional Multi-way system has one terminal per zone to connect sensor.
  • But in some other system there is only one terminal to connect sensor cable and zone created depending on length of sensor cable
  • By programming through software(We call this MODBUS) from LCD panel of Leak Control Alarm.

4 points about Fluid Sensing Cable

Fluid sensing cable with 4 important points

This is Frank from Prosino Group. You could visit our website at https://prosinogroup.com/ to

lean our water leak detection system or water leakage detection cable / Alarm .

Today I would like to share the information about water leakage .

Most of water leakage was happening indoor or outdoor .

The indoor applications as below :

  • Airports  •Banks •Churches •Clean Rooms•Correctional Facilities•Hospital•Hotels•Medical Facilities•Nursing Homes•Office Building•Residential Facilities•Retail •Schools•Telecommunications•Theaters •University •Warehouse and so on
  • The outdoor applications : most of water leakage happening is piping system .
  • I am good at indoor water leakage detecting, It is our company Prosino Group’s mission to make the world a safer place.
  • Not only in EU and USA . But also in all of the world.
  • Fluid sensing cable or water leakage detection cable was widely used in environment monitoring system,
  • It is specially in server room,data center,water tank and more.


Now I am here to introduce the product of fluid sensing cable.

There are 2 versions of water leak detection cable .

  • P-LFP1000-Addressable (position) water leak detection cable.
  • Each meter with 13 ohm resistance .
  • The diameter is 6.0 mm .
  • 4 wires fluid sensing cable .
  • The color could be customized expect the 2 black sensing wire .
  • The length could be customized according to request .

We suggest 10 meters , 15 meters , 20 meters,the functions per each wire as below photo .





  • P-LFP1B-Non position fluid sensing cable
  • The diameter is 6.0mm or 4.5mm
  • 2 wires water leakage detecting cable
  • The color could be customized expect the 2 black sensing cable
  • The length could be customized according to the request .

It is time to introduce the liquid leakage detector ( alarm)

There are also 2 versions of liquid leakage detector ( alarm )

  • P-LFP1 —– Position controller — able to detect the distance as long as 1,000 meters and the tolerance is 0.5%. it is with RS485 and switch output
  • It is addressable water leakage detector
  • It is with RS485 and switch output .
  • RS485 output which is communicating with computer or monitoring host,it is always with 2 RS485 connectors,1 pair for input,another pair for output(if you would like to combine with more RS485 devices )
  • Switch output,which is communicating with other equipment .
  • Tolerance is 0.5% .
  • Power supply : Between : 5V -24V
  • There are 3 LED lights .
  • Power —– It is power light .
  • Service —— It means breaking. Or the cable did not connected well .
  • Leak ——- When the leakage is happening . The light will flash .
  • RS485 . B- A+ B- A+ . It is 2 pairs of RS485 connectors .
  • Alarm Replay . It is switch output only available with the device ,which power is between 5V- 24V .  It is with N.O. ,  N.C. ,COM.
  • It is always only connect 2 cable .  The method as below :
  • and COM   , or  N.C. and COM .Power of both of N.O. and N.C. device is between 5V-24V .
  • When the cable detected the leakage is happening . After you push the “confirm “button . The “ leak” led light will turn off .
  • And the leakage position will bed disappeared .
  • So please record the leakage position and inform the staff to handle the leakage before you push “ confirm” button .
  • When you push the second time “ confirm “ button . It is normal working .
  • I would like to enclosed the full addressable water leak detection system photo :




  • P-FP1A —– Non position alarm . non position water leak detector .
  • The sensitive button —– There are 3 models of sensitive . Low , Middle, High .
  • This model is single way non position water leak detector .
  • VCC and GND —– It is for power . VCC means V+ , GND means V- .
  • RS+ , RS-  —– Please make sure it is correct connection .
  • Here I am also would like to enclosed the full non position water leak detection system :





Totally speaking .

  • Position water leak detection system .
  • Power supply (5V-24V) + Position detecting alarm +Lead cable + addressable fluid sensing cable +clearing end .


Water Detection Sensor

How Important the Water Detection Sensor Is To Our Life

Water Detection Sensor Is Important To Our Life

  • Nowadays.
  • Our life becomes more and more intelligent and smart,including the various areas of the home on the protection of water leakage has become increasingly important.water-detection-sensor
  • We found that most of the households neglected the risk and severity of water leakage at home.
  • It is important to know where it leaks and solve it in advance,our water detection sensor(which including position detection sensor controller alarm,this is 4 ways model and also non-position leak detection controller alarm-this is single way model) will help you prevent the dangers of water leakage in your daily life.
  • So where does the home need to install a leaky device? We will recommend:Near the washing machine,the kitchen corner,
    in the basement where the main waterline enters the living room etc…
  • For how to choose the correct leak water detection sensor,we also have a lot of solutions for leak detection.
  • However,only a few cover all the necessary features to provide reliable detection.For us,the water detection sensor must meet
    the following requirements:it must immediately detect water. Therefore, the measuring contact must be on the surface.
  • When water droplets or water drops on the leak detection rope, it immediately gives alert and inform the specific leaks,
    allowing the water detection sensor and household to view and process in time.and an addressable water deterction cable and an alert convert is quite necessary installed,it hleps you to know where the exact position of the water leakage is;
  • Of course,if you won’t need to know the actual position or you could find it all by youself,then choose Non-locating water sensing version is also available for detecting,in this way,you have to check slowly from the start of the cable to the end where the cables installed once the water leaks,it will not indicate the actual leaking position,that’s the difference,pls check carefully before using.



Water Leak Detector for Home Installation

Water Leak Detector for Home Installation

  • Water leaks are a common plumbing problem in homes and a water leak detector can help you catch a leakage when it first begins, thus preventing costly damage to your home.
  • Otherwise, plumbing leaks under sinks, around hot water heaters and in many other areas often go undetected for quite a while and in that time serious water damage can occur.
  • In addition to damaging your home,water leaks that go undetected for a while can lead to the growth of toxic mold. Mold often spreads rapidly from one area of the home to other areas and can end up costly thousands of dollars to remove.
  • In the meantime, mold puts you at risk for numerous health problems, including respiratory disorders and infections, allergic reactions, migraines, muscle and joint pain, and even digestive problems.
  • You can protect your home and your health by installing water sensors in leak-prone areas.

How a Water Leak Alert Controller Works?

  • It’s similar to a smoke detector, which has an sensor alarm that goes off if there is smoke in your home.
  • Instead of smoke, though, water leak controller detects the presence of water.
  • Most models have an audible alarm to alert you to leaks.
  • Some models can also be programmed to alert you by text message or email if a leak occurs, which can be especially useful if a leak develops while you’re not at home or away on vacation.
  • Some can even be connect to “smart home” systems and automatically shut off the water valve to prevent water damage when a leak is detected. A simple detector with an audible alarm works well enough for many homeowners, though, and is affordable even for those on a budget.

Water Leak Detector

Where Should You Put a Water Leak Detector?

  • Normally the water leak detector are always collecting the signal or alarming from the end where the leakage is,thus a extra Water sensing cable will be necessary required by connecting with the leakage detector.
  • You can install one water leak detector only and with extend the cable length as required in your house,just install anywhere that water leaks are likely to occur. Common locations include near washing machines,by hot water heaters,by refrigerators with ice and water dispensers, under sinks,near toilets and near humidifiers.
  • These are also common areas for household mold.In this way,
  • Addressable(Position) leak detection wire will be your best choice.We especially recommend installing water leak detector in areas where you might not notice a leak when it first begins,for instance, if you clean your bathroom regularly, you’ll probably notice a leak behind your toilet.
  • If you do laundry frequently, you’ll probably notice a leak near your washing machine before it gets too bad.
  • If your hot water heater is in the basement or some other out-of-the-way place,though,you might not realize it’s leaking for some time.
  • If you don’t look under your kitchen sink often, you might not notice a leak there until quite a bit of water damage has occurred.
  • Protect yourself by installing detectors in these out-of-the-way areas.
  • You can install as few or as many detectors as you need in your home,based on your specific needs.
  • Many models are quite reasonably priced and they are easy to install, even if you’re not particularly handy.Water Leak Detector