Water Sensing Rope

The Science Behind Water Sensing Rope Technology

The Science Behind Water Sensing Rope Technology

  • Water Sensing Rope technology
  • stands as a remarkable testament to the ingenuity of modern engineering,
  • addressing critical challenges in various sectors, from data centers to smart buildings and HVAC systems.
  • This technology, designed to prevent water damage and leakage, has revolutionized how we approach environmental monitoring and asset protection.
  • By delving into the science behind Water Sensing Cable technology, we can better understand its significance and functionality.

water leakage detect ropeUnderstanding Water Sensing Rope

  • At its core, a Water Sensing Rope is a specialized cable designed
  • to detect the presence of water or moisture along its length.
  • This unassuming Cable has advanced materials and components that enable its remarkable capabilities.
  • Unlike traditional methods of water leak detection, which often rely on visual inspection or point-based sensors,
  • Water Sensing Rope offer continuous and proactive monitoring, making them a reliable safeguard against potential disasters.

Principles of Operation

  • Water Sensing Rope technology operates based on the principle of capacitance sensing.
  • Capacitance is the ability of a system to store an electric charge and this property changes in the presence of moisture.
  •  The Cable’s design incorporates conductive elements and insulating materials, forming a sensitive capacitor.
  • When water comes into contact with the Cable, it alters the capacitance, triggering an alert signal.

positioning water leak cableHigh Sensitivity and Pinpoint Accuracy

  • One of the remarkable features of Water Sensing Rope technology is its high sensitivity to even the slightest traces of water.
  •  This sensitivity is crucial in detecting leaks early, allowing for swift intervention and minimizing potential damage.
  • Furthermore, the Cable’s design allows it to pinpoint the exact location of the leak along its length.
  • This capability not only aids in prompt repairs but also reduces downtime and associated costs.

Resistance to Adverse Conditions

  • Water Sensing Rope technology is designed to withstand a range of adverse conditions.
  • The Cable’s materials exhibit high resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure,
  • ensuring its reliability even in challenging environments.
  • This durability extends the Cable’s lifespan and contributes to its cost-effectiveness.

Integration with Alarm Systems

  • The versatility of Water Sensing Rope technology is evident in its seamless integration with various alarm systems.
  • These cables are compatible with most alarm and monitoring systems, enabling real-time notifications when a leak is detected.
  • This feature empowers facility managers and operators with timely information,
  • allowing them to take immediate action and prevent potential disasters.

fluid leak detection cableApplications of Water Sensing Rope

  • Beyond its direct applications in data centers, smart buildings, and HVAC systems,
  • Water Sensing Rope technology has found use in diverse industries.
  • It is crucial in safeguarding valuable assets, from server rooms to historical archives, laboratories, and industrial facilities.
  • Early detection of leaks contributes to risk reduction, data preservation, and operational efficiency.


  • Water Sensing Rope is a shining example of innovation meeting practicality in modern technology.
  • These unassuming cables provide a vigilant defense against water damage and leakage by harnessing the principles of capacitance sensing.
  • Their high sensitivity, pinpoint accuracy, and compatibility with alarm systems make them
  • an indispensable tool in various sectors where water-related risks loom large.
  • As we continue to embrace the potential of Water Sensing Rope technology,
  • we enhance our ability to mitigate losses, protect assets, and ensure the smooth functioning of critical infrastructure.
Non-locating Water Leak Detector

Protecting Your Assets:The Importance of Water Leak Detection

Protecting Your Assets: The Importance of  Water Leak Detection

  • Water is an essential element that sustains life, yet when it infiltrates your property unexpectedly,
  • it has the potential to cause significant damage and financial losses.
  • In today’s era of technological advancement,
  • safeguarding your investments requires a multifaceted approach that extends beyond conventional security measures.
  • Among the essential tools at your disposal is a water leak detection,
  • a critical component in fortifying your defenses against the silent threat of water leaks.

Recognizing the Stealthy Menace

  • Water leaks often make their way into your property silently, causing damage that can go unnoticed until it’s too late.
  • Whether arising from a burst pipe, a malfunctioning appliance,
  • or natural elements like heavy rainfall, water leakage can compromise your property’s structural integrity,
  • harm valuable possessions, and disrupt essential operations.

Water Leak DetectionThe Role of a Water Leakage Detector

  • A water leakage detector serves as a vigilant guardian against this covert menace.
  • Operating as an early warning system, it swiftly detects and alerts you to the presence of water where it shouldn’t be.
  • Unlike conventional security measures that predominantly address external threats,
  • a water leakage detector is focused on combating internal risks that have the potential to undermine your property’s stability.

Fast Response: Limiting the Impact

  • Although the term “water leakage detector” might evoke an image of a simple device, modern technology
  • has elevated this concept to a sophisticated level., These detectors are outfitted with high sensitivity and customizable settings
  • and can promptly identify the slightest presence of water. A leakage Detector can accurately pinpoint leaks,
  •  identifying the precise leak position with a margin of just 0.5% ± 0.5 meters. This precision enables an immediate response, triggering alerts when water leakage is detected.

A Multi-Purpose Safeguard

  • Beyond its primary leak detection function, a water leakage detector offers versatility beyond its immediate capabilities.
  • Particularly for entities entrusted with critical IT infrastructure like server rooms and data centers, the consequences of water intrusion can be dire.
  • A dependable water leakage detector is integral to your risk management strategy.
  • It ensures prompt notifications of environmental irregularities that could jeopardize valuable technology assets.

positioning-controller-alarmSeamless Integration into Holistic Security

  • In an interconnected world, holistic security necessitates a comprehensive approach.
  • Water Leakage Detector seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure.
  • Beyond its immediate leak detection capacities, it becomes an integral part of your overall security framework, encompassing physical security,
  • network operations, and facility management.
  • This seamless integration ensures the coherent identification and resolution of potential vulnerabilities, fortifying your defense against water-related risks.


  • Water leak detection transcends being an optional consideration; it is vital for property owners and facility managers committed
  • to safeguarding their assets from the potentially catastrophic consequences of water damage.
  •  The technology-driven approach exemplified by water leakage detectors
  • empowers you to address potential disasters proactively.
  • By investing in a water leakage detector, you are investing in tranquility, assured that a vigilant and advanced defense
  • mechanism shields your assets against water leaks. By adopting water leak detection as an integral part of your risk management strategy,
  • you protect your investments and ensure uninterrupted operations, fostering resilience and peace of mind for years to come.
  • Embrace the power of technology to secure your property from the silent menace of water leaks, and take a proactive step towards safeguarding what matters most.


Fuel Sensing Cable

Fuel Sensing Cable: A Breakthrough in Facility Safety

Fuel Sensing Cable:A Breakthrough in Facility Safety

  • A fuel leak detector is critical in ensuring the safety and security of facilities that handle hydrocarbon or oil products.
  • Unlike water leaks, which primarily lead to property damage, fuel leaks pose far more significant risks,including economic losses, fire, and even explosions.
  • In light of these potential dangers, preventive measures become paramount.
  • The fuel leak detector cable has emerged as a revolutionary solution that monitors and ensures the safety of facilities,
  • providing a historic breakthrough in response time and prevention methods.

    fuel leak detection system

Understanding the Need for Fuel Leak Detection

  • Hydrocarbon fluids, such as fuels and oils,are indispensable resources that power our industries and economies.
  • However, their transportation and storage have inherent risks, especially concerning leaks.
  • A fuel leak can lead to catastrophic consequences, making leak detection an indispensable aspect of facility management.
  • The development of the Fuel Leak Detection Cable addresses this pressing need with a range of features that redefine leak detection systems.

Key Features of Fuel Sensing Cable–Swift Response Time

  • The foremost feature of the Fuel Sensing Cable is its remarkable response time to hydrocarbon fluids.
  • Unlike conventional detection methods, this cable offers a fast and efficient means of identifying leaks as they occur,
  • minimizing the potential for escalation and damage.

    fuel oil leak detects

Outdoor Application Friendly

  • A standout feature of the cable is its resilience to environmental conditions, particularly water.
  • Traditional leak detection systems might falter in outdoor settings due to water interference,but the Fuel Sensing Cable remains unaffected.
  • This adaptability ensures consistent performance and reliable results.


  • Sustainability is a crucial factor in modern technology, and the Fuel Sensing Cable excels in this aspect.
  • The cable is designed for reusability, reducing waste and enhancing cost-effectiveness.
  • Its ability to withstand repeated use contributes to its long-term value.


  • The convenience of pre-connected components cannot be understated. The Fuel Sensing Cable comes ready for installation,
  • streamlining the setup process. This feature not only saves time but also ensures accurate and hassle-free deployment.

The Implications for Facility Safety

  • The introduction of the Fuel Sensing Cable brings about a paradigm shift in facility safety.
  • By drastically reducing response times and enhancing the efficiency of leak detection;
  • this technology empowers facility managers to take proactive measures in averting potential disasters.
  • Swift identification of hydrocarbon leaks enables timely intervention, preventing economic losses and,
  • more importantly, averting fire and explosion threats. Moreover,
  • the cable’s adaptability for outdoor use ensures that it can be employed across various industries,from fuel storage depots to manufacturing plants.
  • This versatility is essential in providing a comprehensive safety net for facilities that handle hydrocarbon substances.

    fuel leak detection cable


  • In conclusion,the Fuel Sensing Cable represents a significant breakthrough in facility safety.
  • Its rapid response time, resilience to environmental conditions, reusability, and user-friendly design.
  • make it a game-changer in preventing and mitigating the risks associated with hydrocarbon and oil leaks.
  • This technology transcends mere detection; it empowers facility managers to be proactive and strategic in their approach to safety.
  • As industries continue to rely on hydrocarbon resources, the importance of robust leak detection systems cannot be overstated.
  • The Fuel Sensing Cable stands at the forefront of this essential technological advancement,
  • ushering in a new era of heightened safety and protection for facilities worldwide.
water rope sensor

Water Rope Sensor: The Innovative Solution for Water Leak Detection

Water Rope Sensor : The Innovative Solution for Water Leak Detection

  • Water damage can be costly and devastating,especially in large commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Fortunately,the water rope sensor is an innovative and effective solution for water leak detection that can
  • help prevent water damage and save building owners from costly repairs.

water leak detect rope

  • As a manufacturer of water detectors,offering the latest technology to your customers is essential to stay ahead of the competition.
  • By providing cutting-edge equipment, like the water rope sensor,
  • you can help your customers detect water leaks early and prevent significant water damage.


  • When searching for water rope sensor suppliers, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced supplier
  • that can provide high-quality sensors and excellent customer service.
  • Look for suppliers that offer a range of water detection products, including water rope sensors,
  • and that have a proven track record of supplying reliable and innovative equipment.

water leaks detect cable

  • Water rope sensors are designed to detect water leaks in a variety of applications,
  • including under floors, behind walls, and along pipes.
  • They can be made from a variety of materials, including copper, plastic, and fiber optic materials.
  • The choice of material depends on the specific application and the environment in which the sensor will be installed.


  • To ensure that your water rope sensor is working correctly, it is advisable to connect it to a readout device or alarm system.
  • This will alert building occupants or maintenance personnel to the presence of water and help prevent significant water damage.


  • In conclusion, the water rope sensor is an innovative and effective solution for water leak detection
  • that is ideal for large commercial and industrial buildings. By offering this cutting-edge technology to your customers,
  • you can help prevent water damage and save them from costly repairs.
  • Choose a reputable and experienced water rope sensor supplier to ensure that you are providing your customers with the best possible equipment.

water rope sensor

Water Sensing Systems

3 Tips for using the Water Sensing Systems

3 Tips for using the Water Sensing Systems,In order to prevent your Valuable Assets and devices from water damage


1)where should the Water Sensing Systems be installed?

  • Data Center or Serve Rooms
  • Control Rooms,IT Facilities or Communications
  • Storage/warehouse or Archive Areas
  • Plant and Services Rooms
  • Offices or other indoor areas where should be in drywater sensing cable

2)Where can a water leakage occur?

  • Within the ceiling
  • From the floor above
  • From a room next to the washing closet
  • From an adjacent room
  • Within the floor void

3)How to Detect the leaks?

  • Prepare the leak detection rope (Position or Non-positioning models)
  • Spread the ropes and install next to the areas where the leakage may occur,
  • Fixed with plastic cable fix clips,you may set the most fit distance such as 1 meter cable placed 1 piece of clip.
  • An extra leak Controller Alarm is necessary.
  • Connect the leak detection rope to the Controller by using Modular Lead Cable and connectors.
  • The cable length could be fixed as required.
  • Connect with power supply to the controller,switch on the alarm.
  • Set the right sensibility for water leak detects.

Sense Cables For Detecting Leakage

Prosino Group is the leading manufacturer for water sense cables for more than 10 years with quality guarantee.

We have wide range of the water sensing cables for your choose.

Now I would like to introduce the sense cables to you.

  • P-LFP1B ——6.0mm non-position water sense cable.
  • sense cables for detecting leakage

    sense cables for detecting leakage

  • P-LFP1C ——5.0mm non-position water sense cable.

    sense cables for detecting leakage

    sense cables for detecting leakage

  • P-LFP1C-1 —— 4.0 Non-position water sense cable.
  • sense cables for detecting leakage

    sense cables for detecting leakage


1. The cable can be reused for more than 6 -8 years.The cable can be dry naturally in 15 seconds after stopped leakage.

Or you could make it dry by dry cloth.

2. Strong pull.

3. The cable is designed for a range of applications, which including data center, Server room. Sub floors. Telecommunication rooms. HVAC equipment locations. Pipes. Electrical vaults. Storage areas. Tanks and roofs.

4. The cable is small ,light weight. And flexible. Allowing easy installation. The smooth design allows for quick drying.

5. P-LFP1C (5mm of water leak detection cable) and P-LFP1C-1 (4mm of water leak detection cable) are widely used for IOT.

Smart home. Smart Kitchen and smart water meter.

  • P-LFP1D——-Nylon non-position water sense cables
  1. The cable is very absorbent.
  2. Small package.
  3. It is hard to be dry.


sense cables for detecting leakage

sense cables for detecting leakage

  • P-LFP1000  —– Addressable water sensing cables.
  1. The diameter is 6mm. There are 2 black wire, 1 red wire and 1 yellow wire.
  2. The cable can be calculated which address is happening leakage.
  3. The tolerance is 0.5%.




  • P-LFP3000 —— Addressable Acid sensing cable.


acid sense cables for detecting leakage


  • P-LFP6000 —— Fuel sensing cable.
  1. Gasoline leak detection cable.
  2. Gasoline   3-6 minutes.
  3. #1 Diesel fuel  30 minutes.
  4. #2 Diesel fuel  60minutes.
  5. JP5 Jet fuel     30 minutes.
  6. JP8 Jet fuel     20 minutes.





For more information. Please contact us at info (at) prosinogroup.com.

We will provide the details to you.

Smart Gateway

Water Leak Detection Smart Gateway

Why you will need a water leak detection smart gateway?

Water Leakage may happen anytime from the many indoor facilities such as:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Laundry room system
  • Chilled water piping,
  • Data center control systems

Any water sources or building leakage.this may cause very bad damage and may affect our valuable assets and properties.

Now our Facility Monitoring System smart gateway is able to avoid the damages.

Prosino Technology now announce and share it’s own developed Water Leak Detection System.

Our accurate and reliable water leak detection system smart gateway,

gives you security and complete protection.a solution system which provides security in monitoring water leak detection,

indicates a notification status through SMS or Wireless devices helps you find the leakage position quickly and solve the problems.


Water Sensing System

Review the Applications of Water Sensing System

Review the Applications of Water Sensing System

Water Sensing System commonly installed and used in following areas:

  • Server room & Data Centers &Management Systems: Water Leak Detection Tools is important device in server room and Data Centers to avoid flooding and hence saving loss of property.
  • Pump Room: Water leak Sensor is use to get alarm at early stage in case there is leakage.
  • Telecom Shelter: Telecom shelter generally at remote places which need to be monitor against all threats including water leak.
  • Laboratories
  • Pantry area
  • Library
  • Hospital
  • Some other Building Facilities


Different types of Controller Alarm:

  • Depending on type of area where potential leakage need to be detected, type of Water Leak Alarms can be used. there are majorly following type of leak controllers
  • Cable leak Detector: This type of sensor is commonly used for water leak detection. This is basically twisted pair of the sensing cables which when come in contact with conductive fluid will trigger alarm.
  • Adjustable Probe sensor: This type of sensor use in crawl areas.
  • Wall mounting Controller sensor.
  • Pad type sensor.

Water Leak Detection Sensing Cable

Different types of leak Controller panels:

  • Depending on number of areas panel can monitor.
  • Water Leak Detection panel majorly divided into single zone and multi zone system.
  • If these leak detection panels have capacity to indicate the exact leakage location distance and position of sensing cable,
  • Then this type of system called as position leak detection system(Addressable Modular Leak Sensing Systems) or distance read leak detection system.

Different types of application devices the Water Leak Sensing System used:

  • Environmental Monitoring System can monitor Water leakage,Humidity&Temperature and inform user through SMS, Email or Alarm once it crosses the set threshold level.
  • It also provide smoke detector and monitoring of other systems and devices at server room such as UPS, precision Air Conditioner,Fire Suppression System,Access Control,CCTV Camera and some other Management Systems etc…
  • This devices connected to Environmental Monitoring System through dry contacts(which with N/O N/C output) or MODBUS contacts(RS485 output or RS432 output)
  • In case of alarm conditions,Environmental Monitoring System will generate alert,Some of the reputed brands which supply Water Leak Sensing and Environmental Monitoring are Liebert,APC,NTI,TraceTek etc,
  • Prosino also ready to provide the Environmental Monitoring Systems and Water Leak Detection Solution.
  • To know more about products and services of us.
  • Please visit www.prosinogroup.com or contact us directly through email:johnny@prosinogroup.com

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

The Non-positioning Style Fluid Leak Detection Cable

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

  • Fluid Leak Detection Cable is widely Installed to Avoid Water leakage damage.


  • Water leaks damage is a common problem in homes and only water leak detection systems,


  • could help you catch a leak when it first begins, thus preventing costly damage to your home,otherwise,


  • The water leakage under sinks, around hot water heaters and in many other areas often


  • go undetected for quite a while and in that time serious water damage occurs.


  • In this way,I’d like to show one part of the water leak detection system, this is Fluid Leak Detection Cable,


  • We understand there are many kinds of sensing cables in the market,but the material is quite different so does the feature.


  • Some of the cables with Mixed braiding,screen of tin plated copper inside and with fabric or glass yarn outer sleeve cover.


  • However due to different configuration and feature,after our testing;


  • We found such cable was not quickly self-drying for resets,also the inner copper conductors


  • Are easily Oxidized after a long time use with water leakage.


  • So we finally have another cable with polymer carrier and inner sensing wires


  • With Polyethylene which makes it quicker self-drying,cable could be used and resets within 15 seconds after wiped away the water,


  • For the cable functionality,they contains locating(4 wires) and Non-locating(2 wires) models;


  • Cable connect to the controller sensor,better through a lead cable,it detects the water leakage and indicates alarm to the sensor while leakage happens.

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

  • The mainly difference is:the locating model will not only indicate an alarm but also show the exact leak position


  • So you could find it easily and solve the leakage problem accordingly.


  • And the Non-position cable only gives an alert without indicating the actual leakage.


  • 2 types of the non-position Fluid Leak Detection Cables are available with different diameters,6.0mm and 4.5mm different size but same material and same feature.

Fluid Leak Detection Cable


  • Such as Data Center / Server Room /Building Facilities wherever the water leakage may occurs.


  • In order to protect the properties,we could provide with solutions depends on different projects.
Water Leakage Detector

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Leakage Detector effects to HVAC Units

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Leakage Detector effects to HVAC units


1.Why do the installation instructions recommend routing leak sensing cable eight feet away from floor standing HVAC units?

Water Leakage Detector

Water Leakage Detector

  • Most users want to place the water leak sensing cable as close as possible to a potential water leak hazard, often  placing the cable directly under the HVAC systems,this exposes the leak sensing cable to an increased potential for false alarms, the HVAC downdraft often contains particles of moisture that been.
  • Condensed from the cool surfaces inside the HVAC unit,also,these HVAC units often have humidifiers which can add to the problem.
  • Finally, over time,the high velocity air can embed fine particles of dust,and dirt into the sensing cable,degrading its performance,worse, if the sensing cable is not tightly fastened to the subfloor,the internal conductors may break from the constant movement.


2.The recently installed system seems to”false” alarm frequently.Why?

The primary reason for false alarms is that the cable has been installed too close to an HVAC downdraft. Cable has been installed under a pipe that is sweating (condensation),or is heavy and is pinching (shorting) the conductors.


3.Our water leakage detector has been working well for years, but is now indicating “false” leak detected alarms.Why?

  • The cable has become contaminated from dust and dirt over time. Another possibility is contamination from mineral salts absorbed from an unsealed concrete subfloor. Cable is contaminated from a previous leak.
Water Leakage Detector

Water Leakage Detector

4.Our system has been working well and detected a water leak.  

After the leak was cleaned up,the water leakage detector stays in alarm.Why?

  • When a water leak sensing cable becomes wet from a system water leak,
  • Often there will be mineral salts,and other contaminates from the sub-floor that remain in the cable after the water has evaporated.
  • The more times the cable has been wet and dry,the more likely it is there will be contamination,sometimes the cable can be cleaned,Sometimes replacement is required.


5.The leak locating system is indicating a leak near the end of the cable,

but there is no water present anywhere.What is going on?

  • Almost all “footage measuring” leak detection systems calculate the electrical resistance of the sensing conductors
  • To determine the location where water has contacted the water sensing cable.
  • When a water leak contacts the cable, an area of low resistance forms at the point of contact,on occasion, conditions will cause a small decrease  in resistance over a large section of cable.
  • Electrically, this is like a short circuit over a single spot,when the total decrease is resistance is enough to cause a false alarm,
  • It will logically be indicated as being at the end of the cable because that is the normal point of highest resistance.
  • This condition is usually caused by an HVAC unit blowing a fine “mist”of water particles from the condensate pan or humidifier.
Water Leakage Detector

Water Leakage Detector