Fluid Sensing Cable

4 points about Fluid Sensing Cable

Fluid Sensing Cable with 4 important points

This is Frank from Prosino Group. You could lean our water leak detection system or water leakage detection cable / controller sensor.

Today I would like to share the information about water leakage.

Most of water leakage was happening indoor or outdoor.

The indoor applications as below :

  • Airports  •Banks •Churches •Clean Rooms•Correctional Facilities•Hospital•Hotels•Medical Facilities
  • Nursing Homes•Office Building•Residential Facilities•Retail •Schools•Telecommunications•Theaters •University •Warehouse and so on
  • The outdoor applications:most of water leakage happening is piping system .
  • I am good at indoor water leakage detecting, It is our company Prosino Group’s mission to make the world a safer place.
  • Not only in EU and USA . But also in all of the world.
  • Fluid sensing cable or water leakage detection cable was widely used in environment monitoring system,
  • It is specially in server room,data center,water tank and more.

Now I am here to introduce the product of fluid sensing cable.

There are 2 versions of water leak detection cable .

1)P-LFP1000-Addressable (position) water leak detection cable.

  • Each meter with 13 ohm resistance .
  • The diameter is 6.0 mm .
  • 4 wires fluid sensing cable .
  • The color could be customized expect the 2 black sensing wire .
  • The length could be customized according to request .
  • We suggest 10 meters , 15 meters , 20 meters,the functions per each wire as below photo .



2)P-LFP1B-Non position fluid sensing cable

  • The diameter is 6.0mm or 4.5mm
  • 2 wires water leakage detecting cable
  • The color could be customized expect the 2 black sensing cable
  • The length could be customized according to the request .

Below are the liquid leakage detectors

There are also 2 versions of liquid leakage detector ( alarm )

1)P-LFP1-Position controller

  • Able to detect the distance as long as 1,000 meters and the tolerance is 0.5%. it is with RS485 and switch output
  • It is addressable water leakage detector
  • It is with RS485 and switch output .
  • RS485 output which is communicating with computer or monitoring host,it is always with 2 RS485 connectors,1 pair for input,another pair for output(if you would like to combine with more RS485 devices )
  • Switch output,which is communicating with other equipment .
  • Tolerance is 0.5% .
  • Power supply : Between : 5V -24V
  • There are 3 LED lights .
  • Power —– It is power light .
  • Service —— It means breaking. Or the cable did not connected well .
  • Leak ——- When the leakage is happening . The light will flash .
  • RS485 . B- A+ B- A+ . It is 2 pairs of RS485 connectors .
  • Alarm Replay . It is switch output only available with the device ,which power is between 5V- 24V .  It is with N.O. ,  N.C. ,COM.
  • It is always only connect 2 cable .  The method as below :
  • and COM   , or  N.C. and COM .Power of both of N.O. and N.C. device is between 5V-24V .
  • When the cable detected the leakage is happening . After you push the “confirm “button . The “ leak” led light will turn off .
  • And the leakage position will bed disappeared .
  • So please record the leakage position and inform the staff to handle the leakage before you push “ confirm” button .
  • When you push the second time “ confirm “ button . It is normal working .
  • I would like to enclosed the full addressable water leak detection system photo :




2)P-FP1A-Non position alarm.

  • Non-position water leak detector .
  • The sensitive button-There are 3 models of sensitive . Low , Middle, High .
  • This model is single way non position water leak detector .
  • VCC and GND-It is for power . VCC means V+ , GND means V- .
  • RS+ , RS-  -Please make sure it is correct connection .
  • Here I am also would like to enclosed the full non position water leak detection system :





Conclusion .

Position water leak detection system .

  • Power supply (5V-24V) + Position detecting alarm +Lead cable + addressable fluid sensing cable +clearing end .

Non position water leakage detect system .