What is Water Leak Detection System(WLDS)?

Fluid Leak Detection System

What is Water Leak Detection System (WLDS)?

  • Water leak detection system is a device when installed in facility, then it detects water leak at initial stage and inform user by indicating audible alarm,message etc. Leak detection system consist of leak detection controller Panel and sensor alarms.
  • Depending on requirement Leak detection panel can be single way system of Multi-zone system,single way system can protect one area or zone since single way water leak detection controller alarm consists on only one sensor terminal.
  • While multi-way system can protect multi areas or zones since it consists of more than one sensor terminals.
  • Sensor are actual Leak Detectors,the multi detector model can be have as many as 4-way housing.


Leak Detector

Water Leak Detection Controller Panel(Position and Non-Position):

  • There are different type of leak detection controller alarms depending on number of zone,it can protect and nature of leakage detection. Depending on water leak alarm system divided in two types,for Example,Single way and Multi-way water leak detection equipment.
  • Depending on nature of leak detection it divided in positioning indicate water leak detector  and Non-Locating indicate water leak detector system.
  • For the Position system model can detect with exact leakage position,and indicates exact distance on controller panel,
  • While Non-Position system can simply detect leakages only without indicating with actual leakage position.


Water Leak Detection Sensing Cable

Leak detection control panel Mainly of following type:

  • Position System: Along with position read type of system only cable type sensor can be use as leak detector,this system can be single way type of multi-way type.
  • Position indicate system shows exact location of leak across length of sensor cable,when water drops comes in contact with sensor cable twisted pair of cable get shorted through leaked water.
  • Depending on value of current (which depend on length of cable due to resistance of cable) which flows through shorted pair of sensing cable,leak detection controller alarm calculate length of cable at which water came in contact with water.
  • This leakage position is leak location.


Singe Way Leak Detection Control Panel:

  • As name suggest this type of system can perform leak detection over one area or zone.
  • This system provided with only one terminal to connect sensor.
  • Single way Control Panel can be of distance read type also.


Multi-way Leak Detection Control Panel:

  • As name suggest this panel can perform leak detection over various zone of areas.
  • Traditional Multi-way system has one terminal per zone to connect sensor.
  • But in some other system there is only one terminal to connect sensor cable and zone created depending on length of sensor cable
  • By programming through software(We call this MODBUS) from LCD panel of Leak Control Alarm.