Water Sensing Systems

3 Tips for using the Water Sensing Systems,In order to prevent your Valuable Assets and devices from water damage


1)where should the Water Sensing Systems be installed?

  • Data Center or Serve Rooms
  • Control Rooms,IT Facilities or Communications
  • Storage/warehouse or Archive Areas
  • Plant and Services Rooms
  • Offices or other indoor areas where should be in drywater sensing cable

2)Where can a water leakage occur?

  • Within the ceiling
  • From the floor above
  • From a room next to the washing closet
  • From an adjacent room
  • Within the floor void

3)How to Detect the leaks?

  • Prepare the leak detection rope (Position or Non-positioning models)
  • Spread the ropes and install next to the areas where the leakage may occur,
  • Fixed with plastic cable fix clips,you may set the most fit distance such as 1 meter cable placed 1 piece of clip.
  • An extra leak Controller Alarm is necessary.
  • Connect the leak detection rope to the Controller by using Modular Lead Cable and connectors.
  • The cable length could be fixed as required.
  • Connect with power supply to the controller,switch on the alarm.
  • Set the right sensibility for water leak detects.

Prosino Group is the leading manufacturer for water sense cables for more than 10 years with quality guarantee.

We have wide range of the water sensing cables for your choose.

Now I would like to introduce the sense cables to you.

  • P-LFP1B ——6.0mm non-position water sense cable.
  • sense cables for detecting leakage

    sense cables for detecting leakage

  • P-LFP1C ——5.0mm non-position water sense cable.

    sense cables for detecting leakage

    sense cables for detecting leakage

  • P-LFP1C-1 —— 4.0 Non-position water sense cable.
  • sense cables for detecting leakage

    sense cables for detecting leakage


1. The cable can be reused for more than 6 -8 years.The cable can be dry naturally in 15 seconds after stopped leakage.

Or you could make it dry by dry cloth.

2. Strong pull.

3. The cable is designed for a range of applications, which including data center, Server room. Sub floors. Telecommunication rooms. HVAC equipment locations. Pipes. Electrical vaults. Storage areas. Tanks and roofs.

4. The cable is small ,light weight. And flexible. Allowing easy installation. The smooth design allows for quick drying.

5. P-LFP1C (5mm of water leak detection cable) and P-LFP1C-1 (4mm of water leak detection cable) are widely used for IOT.

Smart home. Smart Kitchen and smart water meter.

  • P-LFP1D——-Nylon non-position water sense cables
  1. The cable is very absorbent.
  2. Small package.
  3. It is hard to be dry.


sense cables for detecting leakage

sense cables for detecting leakage

  • P-LFP1000  —– Addressable water sensing cables.
  1. The diameter is 6mm. There are 2 black wire, 1 red wire and 1 yellow wire.
  2. The cable can be calculated which address is happening leakage.
  3. The tolerance is 0.5%.




  • P-LFP3000 —— Addressable Acid sensing cable.


acid sense cables for detecting leakage


  • P-LFP6000 —— Fuel sensing cable.
  1. Gasoline leak detection cable.
  2. Gasoline   3-6 minutes.
  3. #1 Diesel fuel  30 minutes.
  4. #2 Diesel fuel  60minutes.
  5. JP5 Jet fuel     30 minutes.
  6. JP8 Jet fuel     20 minutes.





For more information. Please contact us at info (at) prosinogroup.com.

We will provide the details to you.

Smart Gateway

Why you will need a water leak detection smart gateway?

Water Leakage may happen anytime from the many indoor facilities such as:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Laundry room system
  • Chilled water piping,
  • Data center control systems

Any water sources or building leakage.this may cause very bad damage and may affect our valuable assets and properties.

Now our Facility Monitoring System smart gateway is able to avoid the damages.

Prosino Technology now announce and share it’s own developed Water Leak Detection System.

Our accurate and reliable water leak detection system smart gateway,

gives you security and complete protection.a solution system which provides security in monitoring water leak detection,

indicates a notification status through SMS or Wireless devices helps you find the leakage position quickly and solve the problems.