Non-locating Water Leak Sensing Cable


Prosino Non-locating Water Leak Sensing Cable detects the presence of water at any point along it’s length. Installed with Non-locating module(P-FP1A),the cable senses water intrusion and triggers an alarm.this sensing cable provides distributed leak detection and location over a wide range of areas.the cable is available in a variety of lengths to provide as much coverage as needed.

Main features:

  • Lengths Customized to fit different applications
  • Compatible with most alarm systems for real-time notifications
  • High resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals
  • High sensitivity,Fast drying time,Fire and flame resistant

Technical InformationPerformance Data

Product Model: P-LFP1C-1
Cable diameter 0.16in (4.0mm) ±10% nominal
Sensing wires 2*30 AWG with jacket of conductive fluoropolymer
Carrier Fluoropolymer
Cable weight(1m length) 0.03kgs
Cable color High-visibility White
Breaking strength Cable only:5KG
Abrasion resistance >65 cycles per UL719
Maximum continuous operating temperature 70degree
Leak size to alarm(tap water) 2 in(50mm)maximum at any pint along sensing cable ,up to 5000 ft maximum system length
Drying time Cable dries and resets within 15 seconds after removal from standing water
Standard cleaning method Wipe with clean damp cloth
P-FP1A Non-locating water leak controller
P-LFP1C-1 2Pins Water Leak Sensor cable
P-LFP68 Leading wire
F-P01 Cable Clip

Product Overview

Design flexibility

This water leak sesing cable is with flexibility design,supplied with factory-installed plastic connectors that plug together,the cable is designed of a range of applications,including data center sub floors,telecommunication rooms HVAC equipment locations,pipes,electrical vaults,storage areas,tanks,and roofs.The cable is small,lightweight,and flexible,allowing easy installation,the smooth design allows for quick drying.

  • Advanced technology,the conductive-polymer technology and fluoropolymer construction make this cable mechanically strong and resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • The cable is constructed of two sensing wires, embedded in a fluoropolymer carrier rod
  • The alarm module constantly monitors the sensing cable for continuity
  • The rugged cable construction exposes no metal,and enables the cable to be reused even in corrosive environments

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