Fuel Leak Detection Cable

Fuel Leak Detection Cable

  • Prosino Group released new Fuel Leak Detection Cable model with fast alarm.
  • After our engineers’few years hard working,Our own designed model Fuel Leak Detection Cable was very successful.


  • Here is the reacting time after our simply testing:
  • For gas detecting,it takes 3~5 minutes(the best record is 150 second , 2 minutes 30 seconds )
  • For diesel detecting,it takes 40 minutes~1 hour.


  • Believe this would be quite fast response time in the diesel or fuel leakage detection industry,so far,not all of the Fuel Leak Detection models are widely used in the gas or diesel leak detection systems,due to the reacting time is a bit long,almost all of the alarm responding time is more than 20 minutes for the gas leakage detecting,and more than 3~5 hours for diesel leakage detection.


  • Now we have already improved and made it faster,such problem could be solved by using our Fuel Leak Detection Cable,with responding time 3~5 minutes for gas leakage detection and 40 Mins~1 hour for diesel leakage detection.


  • Hopefully such cable could be widely used in the fuel leak detection industry.
  • here is the link for the test demo for reference:
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_E416ZEvGQ


  • It is helpful for the fuel leak detection system,especially for the customers had the alarm but without the cable