Company Profile

Water sense cable ProsinoGroup as a leading supplier for environment monitoring of water sense cable.

we are dedicated to make high quality product and our goal is to be No. 1 in environment monitoring.
To be a strong and reliable manufacturer in offering total solution for liquid leak detection systems .
Prosino international Limited is a strong and powerful R&D company consisting of over 16 knowledgeable engineers,

with an average experience in electronics field for around 10 years.

We aim to serve our customers by high quality products, professional technical support along with quick response to any customer’s inquiries.
Established in 2002, we firstly started as a manufacturer and exporter with our Water sensing cable,Water leak detection and temperature&humidity controller.
We are proud of our water sensing cable,Water leak detection cable . Because it is the one of the best product in the world .
And it could protect your high value products in server room,school,hospital and any of the place need to keep dry.
Thanks to the unique design, coupled with stable quality, we soon obtained renowned reputation both domestic and worldwide,

many international brand companies come to us for mutual cooperation.

After more than a decade of dedication to customer-focused R&D, coupled with the continuous efforts by every employee,
Prosino has grown up to be a high tech R&D group company with diversed product range including leak detecting sensors. Temperature&Humidity controller ,Leak detector.

Our product range includes :
1. Water sensing cable (2 kinds available)
a, Position water sensing cable
b, Non-position water sensing cable
2.Water leak detection controller (Panel)
a, Position controller — able to detect the distance as long as 1500 meters and the tolerance is 0.5%. it is with RS485 and switch output
b, Non-position controller — able to detect as long as 500 meters, also with RS485 and switch output
Both controller can enable other equipment to turn on or off automatically when they are connected.
3) Position Acid Detection cable .
a. Position acid detection cable . —— it can detect most of chemical like sulfuric acid , Hydrochloric acid , Nitric acid and so on .
4) Temperature& humidity controller .
A) P-TH1 and P-TH3 is useful in indoor . Like server room , Bank , hotel , School and so on .
B) P-TH6 . It is designed to be used in greenhouse. it is able to control the spraying machine when connected if the data is different from the set value.

Prosino will always move on with a grateful heart and Thanks for the support from our clients,agents, distributors from around the world.
Any OEM/ODM order is welcome and we can provide customized service as well.

Please visit us at for more information .