None Position Alarm Metal Housing 4 ways for water leak detecting

Product Name: None Position Alarm with Metal Housing-P-FPC6A

Non position Alarm product description: model-P-FPC6A with Metal Housing: Sensor Cable Length: 800 meters,LED indicator: One power(power,green) four alarms(ALM,red), Operate normally,power always on,”ALM”flashes when alarms.

This model P-FPC6A None Position Alarm with digital signals output, the maximum length of the sensing cable is 1500 meters; Standard industrial MODBUS protocol,DC 12V Power supply.
High technology of anti-static,lightning protection and surge protection ensure the stable operation.
P-FPC6A Four-sensing cables Water Leak Sensor monitors four 1500-meters leakage sensing cables.
The sensor alarms immediately with light and sound,once detects the water leakage,with MODBUS RTU protocol controller programming.

P-FPC6A makes it into networking system.
installs in basic stations, libraries, warehouse, museums, smart buildings, industrial sites, and other important places of real-time leak detection, which plays an important role in the safe operation of the equipment and the safety of significant files.