High Sensitive Position Water Sensing Cable for Environmental Monitoring

Position Water Sensing Cable Product Specification:
Model : P-LFP1000
Cable Diameter : 0.24 in(6.0mm)nominal
Sensing Wires : 2×30 AWG with jacket of conductive Fluoro polymer
Carrier : Fluoro polymer
Cable weight(50 ft/15m length) : 2.3 lb(1kg)
Cable color : High-visibility yellow
Position Water Sensing Cable technical information
Breaking strength : Cable only:160lb(72kg)including connectors:70lb(32kg)
Cut-through force : >50lb with 0.05(>22kg with 0.13mm)in blade/cross head speed 0.2in/min
Abrasion resistance : >65 cycles per UL719
Maximum continuous operating temperature : 70 degree
Performance Data
Leak size to alarm(tap water) : 2 in(50mm) maximum at any point along sensing cable.up to 5000 ft maximum system length
Drying time : Cable dries and resets within 15 seconds after removal from standing water.

Distributed Sensing
This model Position Water Sensing Cable P-LFP1000 provide distributed leak detection and location over a wide range of areas, available in a variety of lengths to provide as much coverage as need.

Design flexibility
P-LFP1000 sensing cable with factory-installed plastic connectors that plug together. design for a range of applications,including data center subfloors,telecommunication rooms HVAC equipment locations,pipes,electrical vaults,storage areas,tanks,and roofs.The cable is small,lightweitht,and flexible,allowing easy installation.The smooth design allows for quick drying.

Advanced technology
The conductive-polymer technology and fluoropolymer construction make P-LFP1000 sensing cable mechanically strong and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.The cable constructs of two sensing wires,an alarm signal wire,and a continuity wire embedded in a fluoropolymer carrier rod.The alarm module constantly monitors the sensing cable for continuity.The rugged cable construction exposes no metal,and enables the cable even in corrosive environments.