2 pins Non-locating Water Leak Sensing Cable

Product Model: P-LFP1C-1
Cable diameter: 0.17″(4.5mm)nominal
Sensing wires: 2*30 AWG with jacket of conductive fluoropolymer
Carrier: Fluoropolymer
Cable weight: (50 ft/15m length) 500g
Cable color: High-visibility white
Breaking strength: Cable only:158 LB(72KG),Including connectors:70 Ib(32kg)
Cut-through force: >48.4 LB with 0.005(>22kg with with 0.13mm)

Cross head speed 0.2in/min
Abrasion resistance: >65 cycles per UL719
Maximum continuous operating temperature: 70degree
Leak size to alarm(tap water): 2 in(50mm)maximum at any point along sensing cable,

up to 5000 ft maximum system length.
Drying time: Cable dries and resets within 15 seconds after removal from standing water.

Standard cleaning method: Wipe with clean damp cloth
Advanced technology for this 2 pins Non-locating Water Leak Sensing Cable:
The conductive-polymer technology and fluoropolymer construction detection

Cable mechanically strong and resistant to corrosion and abrasion,
Construct of two sensing wires,embed in a fluoropolymer carrier rod.
The alarm module constantly monitors the sensing cable for continuity
The rugged cable construction exposes no metal.

Indoor projects such as data center/control room/HVAC/IOT are using this cable.