Water Leak Detection Cable

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

Fluid Leak Detection Cable

Fluid Leak Detection Cable is widely Installed to Avoid Water leaks damage,

Water leaks damage is a common problem in homes and only water leak detection systems

Could help you catch a leak when it first begins, thus preventing costly damage to your home.

Otherwise, the water leakage under sinks, around hot water heaters and in many

other areas often go undetected for quite a while and in that time serious water damage occurs.


In this way,I’d like to show one part of the water leak detection system, this is Fluid Leak Detection Cable.

We understand there are many kinds of sensing cables in the market,

But the material is quite different so does the feature,some of the cables with Mixed braiding

Screen of tin plated copper inside and with fabric or glass yarn outer sleeve cover.

However due to different configuration and feature,after our testing;

We found such cable was not quickly self-drying for resets,also the inner copper conductors

Are easily Oxidized after a long time use with water leakage.


So we finally have another cable with polymer carrier and inner sensing wires

With Polyethylene which makes it quicker self-drying,cable could be

Used and resets within 15 seconds after wiped away the water.

For the cable functionality,they contains locating(4 wires) and Non-locating(2 wires) models;

cable connect to the controller sensor,better through a lead cable,

It detects the water leakage and indicates alarm to the sensor while leaks happens.


The mainly difference is:the locating model will not only indicate an alarm but also show the exact leak position,

So you could find it easily and solve the leakage problem accordingly.

The Non-position cable only gives an alert without indicating the actual leakage.


2 types of the non-position Fluid Leak Detection Cables are available with different diameters,

6.0mm and 4.5mm different size but same material and same feature.

Cables are widely installed for Environment Monitoring Systems with indoor projects

such as Data Center / Server Room /Building Facilities wherever the water leakage may occurs

In order to protect the properties,we could provide with solutions depends on different projects.

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